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Arenal: If you weren’t looking for adventure, you’ve come to the wrong place

Arenal is the unofficial capital of adventure tourism in Costa Rica — whitewater rafting, ziplining, canyoning, mountain biking, horseback riding, all-terrain vehicles — and all of these adventures are served up with a few spoonfuls of fear.

Paddling the Sarapiquí, with monkeys and metaphors

As we set out to paddle the Sarapiquí River, we were told that every obstacle on a journey is a metaphor. We found ours when asked to join hands and jump off a cliff.

Terrified Tarzan: Getting into the swing of things

I was in the Osa Peninsula's Matapalo, which means "strangler fig," so what the heck, I agreed to climb 68 feet up a strangler fig and be yanked off the tree into a Tarzan swing that felt like free-falling from heaven to earth.

Thrills and chills in Rincón de la Vieja

After the invigorating horseback ride, the thrill of whitewater tubing, the first three ziplines and the heart-stopping drop off a bridge over a canyon...

Sunsets and waterfalls in Dominical

The alarm rings at 5:00 am, and I'm ready. The bags are in the car, dogs fed, and coffee brewing. "Wake up sleepyheads," I...

Manuel Antonio: 5 can’t-miss tropical wonders

1. The park Manuel Antonio National Park is the region’s crown jewel and raison d’etre. The park is one of the most visited national parks...

Puente Sixaola: A border runs through it

Two buses, one perplexing walk to the Mepe station, a taxi, and two boats is what it took for my wife Melanie and I...

Deliciously dirty in the Orosi Valley

  My wife Melanie and I made a special point of taking the train, which runs obscenely limited hours, from San José to Cartago as...

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