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Abortion with impunity

Woman in El Salvador faces 30 years in prison for abortion

An emergency in her pregnancy landed Esme in the hospital. She lost the baby and is now trying to avoid a definite 30-year prison...

Guatemala Congress ramps up prison sentence for abortion, bans gay marriage

Guatemala's conservative-led Congress approved on Tuesday a law ramping up the prison sentence for women who choose to have an abortion, while banning both...

El Salvadoran Woman Jailed for Abortion: “I Lost my Youth, my Family”.

Kenia was 17 years old when she suffered a fall that caused her to lose her pregnancy. In El Salvador, where abortion is illegal...

From fear to freedom: Mexico’s abortion reforms

When Fernanda Garcia went to hospital with pain and bleeding after taking medication to end her pregnancy, a nurse threatened to report her and...

Thousands march for abortion rights in Latin America

Thousands of women took to the streets across Latin America on Tuesday to demand abortion rights, a practice largely prohibited in the region.

Therapeutic abortion, part III: looking ahead

Two women who were forced to carry nonviable pregnancies to term want to prevent other women from suffering the same fate.

Therapeutic abortion, part II: paper vs. practice

Part II of a three-part series published in English at The Tico Times by permission of journalism student Paula Umaña; the mentoring program Punto...

Therapeutic abortion: a Costa Rican right ensnared in doubts and fears

Part I in a three-part series on obstacles to therapeutic abortion in Costa Rica.

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