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Year in review 2015

What happened to the 15 people the Internet hated most in 2015?

PharmaBro, Cecil the lion's killer and all the other most hated people in the Internet this year.

The winners and losers of Costa Rica in 2015

The headline says it all. Find out who we picked this year.

3 top stories in 2015 in the world of Costa Rica football

Keylor Navas, Eduardo Li and Paulo Wanchope kept things interesting this year in the world of Costa Rica football. Here's a recap.

Costa Rica’s 2015 social media sensations

Narco Paloma, Gerardo Cruz and Katy Perry's Lizano tweet: Among Costa Rica's top five social media sensations of 2015.

The best of long-form journalism in 2015 from The Tico Times

The year's best long-form journalism from The Tico Times.

Costa Rica’s top 5 political fiascos of 2015

Let’s face it, it’s been a bruiser of a first year in office for President Luis Guillermo Solís.
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The History and Meaning Behind Costa Rica’s Lantern Parade

Every September 14th, on the eve of Independence Day, most towns and cities of Costa Rica celebrate the traditional lantern parade. Driven by educational...

Costa Rica Wildlife: Meet the Common House Gecko

They’re behind your clock. They’re in your curtains. They’re laying eggs in your knickknacks. They’re your constant housemates, so we might as well learn...

Empanadas in Costa Rica are as Easy as 1,2,3,4

All over Latin America, empanadas (turnovers) are eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a snack. They vary in taste according to the ingredients used...

Costa Rica Independence Day meal with a side of history

TASTE OF THE TROPICS: How to make Chorreadas with Palmito Cheese and Guacamango