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A hassle-free strategy to finding your first rental home in Costa Rica

Looking for a short- or long-term rental home in Costa Rica? Follow these steps and you can save yourself (and others) a lot of grief.

Renting a House in San José, Costa Rica: Historic barrios Amón and Otoya beckon

In Costa Rica's often maligned capital, the historic barrios of Amón and Otoya are like an aesthetic oasis for those looking to live or work downtown.

Costa Rica’s Portasol ‘eco-community’ pursues sustainable development

Portasol 'eco-community' on Costa Rica's Pacific coast believes real estate development and environmental protection can work hand in hand.

Costa Rica’s 10 most expensive homes for sale

Looking to buy a house in Costa Rica? How many millions of dollars were you looking to spend? Or tens of millions? Here are the 10 most expensive homes for sale in this country.

Top 10 tips for improving rental income in Costa Rica

If you own a property in Costa Rica, there is a good chance that you rent it out as a vacation rental. Everyone wants to maximize rental income, so here are 10 tips to improve rental income.

Community Aids Limón Red Cross

THE grave financial situation of the Limón Red Cross has taken an optimisticturn after the Caribbean port town’s chapterthreatened to close its doors severalmonths...

Costa Rican Cuisine – What is it and where did it come from?

Costa Rican cuisine, also known as "comida típica," is a melting pot of indigenous, Spanish, and African influences. The country's diverse landscape and abundance...

The Quakers and Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde, Costa Rica is a small town located in the northern part of the country, known for its stunning natural beauty and rich biodiversity....

Noelia Campos Guerrero Interview – Orbita Prima

Noelia Campos Guerrero is Costa Rica’s First Female Astronaut in Groundbreaking Feature Film: Orbita Prima I had the opportunity to talk with Orbita Prima costar...