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22 Costa Rica vacation home features you cannot do without

You’re done sleeping around, and you’re ready to commit. You’re going to buy a vacation home in Costa Rica. So what's on your wish list?

22 ways a real estate closing can drive you crazy

Whether you're buying or selling, here are 22 deal-breaking missteps to avoid during a real estate closing in Costa Rica.

Is qualifying a Costa Rica property buyer possible?

A reader named Rafa asked last week in a comment on an article why agents do not qualify real estate buyers. Is qualifying a Costa...

What is an easement and how can it affect the value of a property in Costa Rica?

If you’re looking to buy property in Costa Rica, you need to know if there are any easements associated with it, and to consider how they will affect the property value.

Will U.S. election outcome drive people to Costa Rica?

It's a refrain you'll hear from Trump and Clinton supporters alike: If the other candidate wins, they're moving to Costa Rica.

How to remodel your kitchen in Costa Rica

Whether you're looking to buy or already own a house in Costa Rica, the kitchen may leave something to be desired. But remodeling it may be easier and cheaper than you think.

Weekly Recaps

Professionalizing bird watching tourism in Costa Rica: The country’s new approach

The National Birdwatching Tourism Board is working hard to professionalize the tourism sector dedicated to birdwatching in order to increase the number of tourists...

Lost in Translation: Understanding the Unique Meaning of Costa Rican Idioms

The first time a Costa Rican said to me, “Estoy orinando” (I am peeing), whoa! I couldn’t help myself. I jumped back and looked down....

Mariela Rojas-Quesada: From Alajuela to Developing Robots for the International Space Station

Mariela completed her elementary school studies at the Carrillos Alto de Poás School in Alajuela and high school at the Colegio Científico in San...

Costa Rica’s New Sailfish Ruling, Conservation or Smoke and Mirrors?

The Casa Presidencial recently announced a ruling by INCOPESCA of a reduction in the amount of incidental catch allowed by commercial fishermen on sailfish...