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Costa Rican President Accused of Offering Bribes to Congress President

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has initiated a new criminal investigation involving President Rodrigo Chaves. The offense in question relates to a form of corruption defined in the Costa Rican Penal Code, which occurs when a third party gives, offers, or promises a bribe or undue advantage to a state official.

Rodrigo Arias, president of Congress, claimed that the government suggested he allow the legislative commission’s term to expire. This commission was investigating the alleged illegal financing of Chaves’ campaign. In exchange, the ruling party’s deputies would support Arias’s reelection as head of Congress.

These statements were made during the program “Malas Compañías” Teletica Radio’s program. “I had a very difficult time with the president. He practically wanted me to let the commission expire. I told him I could not do that. It was the commission investigating the financing of political parties, whose term was due to expire at Easter, coinciding with the vacation period,” Arias stated.

He further explained that it was hinted, “if no action was taken, the commission’s term would expire, and it was suggested that, if so, the votes could be available. My response was that I could not allow it since that would imply a breach of my obligations as president of Congress.”

President Chaves denied Arias’ statements, asserting that they stemmed from Arias’ political ambitions. “He crossed a line, and he knows it, and it hurts me. The statements were made in confidence but also his words are divorced from the truth. I believe that Rodrigo Arias is interested in becoming President of Costa Rica, and this change of attitude is consistent with this hypothesis that many have in the world of politics,” said President Rodrigo Chaves.

The political commission in question was investigating the creation of an alleged parallel financing structure for the last political campaign. Opposition legislators are convinced that illegal financing was involved.

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