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Netflix Spends $1.2M on Security for Costa Rica Filming

Netflix is reportedly paying $1.2 million to protect several actors who will be visiting Costa Rica to film a new show, as revealed by the newspaper Daily Mail. Holly Willoughby and Bear Grylls are the most recognized Hollywood superstars who will be visiting the country. According to the Daily Mail, the new production will be an adventure show under the name Bear Hunt.

The newspaper highlighted Costa Rica’s escalating violence, caused by drug trafficking, which has worsened. “It is claimed ex-special forces and former military guns for hire have been brought in to protect Holly from drug gangs and kidnappers while in the Central American country, which has seen a massive uptick in gang and drug violence in recent years,” the media outlet stated.

In 2023, Costa Rica had a record of 907 homicides, and so far in 2024, there have already been more than 258 killings, according to the latest reports of the Judicial Investigation Organism (OIJ).

Daily Mail also provides an extensive explanation of the criminal phenomenon facing Costa Rica, under the influence of local drug trafficking groups that are engaged in fierce disputes over territorial control for the sale of narcotics.

“The once peaceful nation saw a record number of homicides in 2023, and a 66 percent increase in murders from 2013 to 2023. More than 70 percent of the killings have been put down to drug trafficking as local gangs – as well as cartels from Mexico and Colombia – fight for control,” the newspaper added.

They also pointed out the country has asked the European Union for help, in an effort to control the situation. Daily Mail has highlighted cocaine and fentanyl as the main culprits, mentioning they have “flooded the outskirts of the capital of San José, where police spend much of their time hunting for gang leaders.”

“Locals have spoken of no longer being able to sit outside in the evenings with family, friends, and neighbors. Once cocaine started flooding into the country and dealers began competing for territory, it was no longer safe,” they added.

With what the media describes as “gruesome killings” and a terrible murder panorama, the publication mentions it’s only logical to see why extra security is being hired.

“It is easy to see, therefore, why Netflix has set aside £1 million to protect Holly Willoughby, Bear Grylls and the other 10 celebs jetting to Costa Rica this month,” they said.

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