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Costa Rica Embraces Electric Vehicles Amid Global Shift

Costa Rica has witnessed a surge in the purchase of electric vehicles, reflecting a global trend that is gradually taking hold in the country. Experts in the field agree that the future of transportation is characterized by electrification, although the pace and scope of this transformation remain subject to various factors.

Numerous countries and companies have pledged to cease manufacturing and selling vehicles powered by fossil fuels by 2035. This commitment gained prominence at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Scotland, where participating nations forged partnerships.

Norway emerges as one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking leaders in this movement. The Nordic country has mandated that all cars sold from 2025 onwards must be zero-emission.

Despite the significant presence of combustion cars in the Costa Rican market, increasing awareness of climate change and the availability of cleaner technologies are propelling the transition towards more sustainable mobility.

“The dominance of combustion cars over electric cars will hinge on the development of several factors, including government policies and consumer preferences. The growth of electric vehicles in the country has been remarkably rapid, especially compared to other nations in the region,” highlighted Alberto Philips, product manager at AutoStar.

Meanwhile, the representation of electric vehicles in the total market in Costa Rica has been doubling year by year.

Business owners emphasized the remarkable transition to electric vehicles in Costa Rica over the past year, evidenced by a 20% increase in sales in the domestic market. However, pinpointing the exact duration of combustion vehicles’ dominance is a complex task, contingent on numerous factors.

Many believe that the transition to electric mobility will rely on the development of charging infrastructure, government incentives for adopting this technology, an increased supply of electric cars on the market, and evolving consumer perceptions.

“It is challenging to predict precisely how much longer gasoline cars will prevail over electric cars in Costa Rica, and it is even uncertain whether electric technology will dominate the market. However, it is evident that evolution is inevitable,” remarked Rodolfo Araya, Regional Sales Director at Hyundai Grupo Q.

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