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Electric Cars in Costa Rica: Is it possible to drive from coast to coast?

Electric vehicles have been gaining ground in the Costa Rican market. Many people have opted to buy these environmentally friendly cars. However, many consumers still doubt whether they are the best option.

One of the main concerns of consumers is the performance of electric cars. Many are unaware of whether there are enough charging stations in the country.

Therefore, the Costa Rican Electric Mobility Association (Asomove) organized an event to demonstrate the performance of electric cars.

“From Coast to Coast” is a caravan organized for Sunday, September 18, which will cover a total distance of 260 kilometers, departing from Puerto Limón and arriving in Puntarenas.

This event, which seeks to cross the country from coast to coast in an electric vehicle in less than a day, is the ideal demonstration for Costa Rican users to learn about the performance of zero-emission models, according to the event promoters.

The one-day caravan will leave the Caribbean at 8:30 a.m. on Route 32, arrive in San José around noon, and then head to Puntarenas on Route 27 at around 3 p.m.

Asomove coordinates the trip with the Municipality of Limón, the Municipality of Puntarenas, and the Puntarenas Chamber of Tourism.

“The Coast to Coast event aims to demonstrate the excellent performance of electric vehicles and technology that we already have for 2022; it is a caravan leaving from Puerto Limón to Puntarenas, with national and regional coverage,” said Silvia Rojas, executive director of Asomove.

In addition, SUVs and sedans from Asomove’s allied brands will also participate. Initially, the caravan will feature ten vehicles, and it is expected that another 20 will join.

“We organized the “From Coast to Coast” event, a caravan of electric vehicles crossing the country from the Atlantic Ocean coast to the Pacific Ocean coast, on a 260km route,” Asomove said.

The association said the caravan will pass through “dense mountains and along beaches, through a diversity of landscapes and topographies,” allowing the demonstration of “the excellent performance of electric vehicles.”

The purpose of these events is to motivate people to purchase these vehicles and to clarify any doubts they may have about them.

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