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Miss Universe to Visit Costa Rica Amid Nicaraguan Regime Backlash

Sheynnis Palacios, Miss Universe 2023, is set to make her first visit to Costa Rica on February 27th at 9:30 am. Palacios’s visit to the country aims to promote the recent organizational shift within Miss Costa Rica, now under the ownership of OPA TV. Carlos Valenciano Kamer, owner of Canal OPA, has announced the acquisition of the franchise, rebranded as Miss Universe Costa Rica.

The updated pageant is positioned to initiate a fresh chapter in 2024, placing a strong emphasis on advancing trends of female empowerment and cultivating a more inclusive portrayal within Costa Rican society.

“We are taking a significant step to exalt the presence of our women in Costa Rica,” stated Canal OPA owner Carlos Valenciano.

The special event will take place at the Centro de Eventos Grupo Moreno, situated in the Morepark complex in Pavas, and holds particular significance for the Nicaraguan community residing in Costa Rica.

Accompanying the beauty queen during her stay in the country will be top executives of the Miss Universe franchise. Palacios has already embarked on a tour that included countries such as Brazil and Mexico.

Problems With the Nicaraguan Regime

However, Palacios’s triumphant victory in the Miss Universe pageant was met with mixed reactions back home in Nicaragua. Despite a ban on mass demonstrations, thousands of Nicaraguans took to the streets in jubilation to celebrate the achievement, prompting Daniel Ortega’s regime to accuse event organizers of conspiracy and inciting hatred and violence.

The aftermath saw the director of the Miss Nicaragua franchise, Karen Celebertti, announcing her retirement from the organization she led for more than 23 years. This decision followed the arrest of her husband Martín Argüello and her son Bernardo Argüello, accused by the Ortega government of “treason” and utilizing beauty pageants to destabilize the country.

Addressing these accusations, Celebertti emphasized that the Miss Nicaragua organization has always remained apolitical and inclusive, rejecting any allegations of involvement in divisive activities. The Ortega government’s claims were met with a firm denial from Celebertti, who asserted that the organization had always operated without political bias, religious discrimination, or regional favoritism.

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