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Costa Rica Cultivates Dazzling Rubyglow Pineapple

A vibrant red pineapple dubbed “Rubyglow” is positioning Costa Rica to bolster agricultural exports through its vivid colors and ultra-sweet taste discoveries. Fruit juggernaut Fresh Del Monte developed the unique Rubyglow pineapple, the latest in their series of flashy pineapple innovations like Pinkglow and Honeyglow.

While undeniably eye-catching sliced open with bold red skin and golden inner flesh, Rubyglow’s most important asset is its distinctive flavor profile comparable to Fresh Del Monte’s existing revered pineapple varieties.

By cross-pollinating a traditional pineapple and a typically inedible purple pineapple, Fresh Del Monte’s scientists struck the right balance of heritable traits through conventional breeding methods to yield Rubyglow. It is grown exclusively near Fresh Del Monte’s operations in Buenos Aires, Puntarenas.

The company views the scarce specialty pineapple as a launchpad for entering China’s enormous fruit markets aligned with Chinese New Year when exotic gift fruits see peak demand. An exclusive waiting list for other global consumers also aims to drive Rubyglow’s status as a hot tropical luxury item.

Jorge Pelaez, Fresh Del Monte’s regional VP stated, “Costa Rica’s expertise cultivating our previous hit pineapple varieties cements its status as our innovation hub for launching globally desired fruits.” Only around 5,000 Rubyglow pines will reach consumers in 2024 before scaling up gradually.

The Rubyglow debut represents the latest in a flurry of developments diversifying and adding value to Costa Rican agricultural exports beyond traditional commodities. But the nouveau pineapple also symbolizes innovations in breeding technology and branding allowing exceptional native crops to command surging price premiums abroad.

Fresh Del Monte President Mohammad Abu-Ghazaleh summarized, “Our scientists constantly push boundaries to fulfill demand for new tropical flavors and colors. Rubyglow ideally suits our expansion into the Chinese market while further elevating Costa Rica as a pinnacle of fruit quality.”

Between aesthetics earning consumer curiosity and unmatched taste cementing their loyalty, products like Rubyglow showcase opportunities in specialized agriculture for Costa Rica.

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