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The Del Monte Pink Pineapples of Costa Rica

In the south-central tropics of Costa Rica, one of the world’s most unique and rare jewels is being harvested. Only one destination produces such a treasure and is carefully selected from the perfect soil by trusted hands, exclusively available to select locations across the globe.

What could this elusive gem be you wonder? A pineapple. However, not just any pineapple, Del Monte’s Pinkglow pineapple. Tagged as the jewel of the jungle it has taken the pineapple world to new elevated levels.

Buenos Aires de Puntarenas is where these Instagram-worthy fruits are being harvested. The pretty in pink pineapples thrive in the warm temperatures of the region, which hosts the ideal rich volcanic soils. Not needing a lot of water or even much space, they are able to be successfully cultivated.

Development started back in 2005 and as the patent states, Del Monte wanted to produce a unique and differentiated variety of pineapple, which they most certainly achieved. They are the only ones in the markets to be producing this exotic pink fruit. It wasn’t something that happened overnight, Costa Rica’s government didn’t approve the planting of these chic pineapples until 2011.

The pink pineapples can take up to 2 years to grow then on top of this they needed to complete their development and finally come to their prized final product.

Approved by the US Food & Drug Administration, the FDA stated on December 14, 2016 “DMFP’s new pineapple has been genetically engineered to produce lower levels of the enzymes already in conventional pineapple that convert the pink pigment lycopene to the yellow pigment beta carotene. Lycopene is the pigment that makes tomatoes red ad watermelons pink, so it is commonly and safely consumed.”

By changing the enzymes within the pineapple, they were able to maintain the pinkness and rosé of the fruit’s flesh leaving it with its gorgeous hue. Not only has the color of the traditional pineapple changed but its flavor profile and with proclamations of candy pineapple aromatics.

This new strain of genetically modified fruit has come with a much sweeter and less acidic flavor removing some of the sour tones of its yellow family member. From many of those that have had the chance to savor the sweet fruit, you will hear them rave about how juicy and fragrant they are.

You won’t find the Pinkglow at your nearby feria or grocery store. Even when asking around in Costa Rica to many ticos they didn’t even know you could buy them or said I’ve only seen them on the news. According to Del Monte’s website, these highly sought-after treasures are only available in Canada and the US.

First coming out with a price tag of almost $50 they have now come down in price, but not by typical pineapple standards.  For those on the East Coast, you can purchase this elusive fruit from Tropical Fruit Box selling one pineapple for $39 US and Melissa’s on the West Coast for $29. If you are rereading that, no it is not an error, yes that is for one pineapple.

Receiving a Pinkglow Pineapple is an experience within itself ultimately with descriptions of “experience a taste of a remote paradise with this pink-hued majestic wonder”. With the rose world taking over social media and dining it has gained trending popularity, through the past years. It arrives like a gift box to your home decorated and declared as Precious Cargo Costa Rica.

The beautiful package is secure and well wrapped to help insulate and ensure its exclusive contents. Adorned in festive colors and décor you are gifted an authenticity card of the royal delicacy. Underneath lies the pink creation, your very own Pinkglow Pineapple.

It may appear to be just one of your favorite summertime fruits but once you smell it you will know it is special. Cutting into its flesh you will see how juicy this unique pineapple is and with its gorgeous pink color. In the FDA’s constituent update it was cleared as safe to eat and approved for consumption.

Nutritionally 1 cup has:

  • 80 calories,
  • 0 fat, cholesterol, and sodium.
  • 22 grams of total carbs with
  • 2 g of fiber,
  • 16 g of total sugar, and
  • 1 g of protein, nourishing you with calcium and potassium.

So, what can you do with your pink pineapple after updating your social media with all the trendy and fun photos? If you are wanting to save it, it will only last about 2 days in the refrigerator or out on your counter on display for 3 days. It is best to cut it up and store it in the fridge for a week or save it for a special day in the freezer and it should survive for another 1 – 3 months. 

Something so phenomenal is meant to enjoy and savor. Most popular uses other than simply relishing it on its own are cocktails displaying all its beauty. Mixed as a refreshing martini, gin & tonic, or with wines and spritzers, it all adds a unique spin on your drink or party becoming the guest of honor. Cheesecake desserts, pineapple crisps, dressings or simply elevating your fruit salad, Costa Rica’s extra sweet fruit is sure to delight one’s palate.

If you have aspirations of growing your own at home, in hopes of saving some money or testing out your skills with your own little pink pineapple plantation, think again. Your Pinkglow pineapple comes with the crown removed for sustainable cultivation. The crown is needed for transplantation in order to regenerate new pineapples which are then harvested all by hand at Costa Rica’s special pineapple farm.

Costa Rica is a place of many tropical wonders never ceasing to amaze with its innovations and splendor. After years of dedication, determination, and a little creative genius you can now have a rare piece of paradise exotically delivered right to the front door of your home its in very own precious Pinkglow cargo. Disfrutar!


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