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Costa Rica President Chaves Calls for Direct Migration Aid

In a recent gathering of accredited ambassadors at the Organization of American States (OAS), President Rodrigo Chaves reiterated his plea for international assistance in managing migration, underscoring the need for direct support rather than relying on intermediaries.

The President expressed gratitude for the support provided by United Nations agencies and partner nations, including the United States, Canada, and the European Union, but emphasized the importance of delivering aid directly to the affected regions.

Chaves, addressing the assembly, stated, “we don’t need so many intermediaries, to be frank,” highlighting the urgency of providing financial support to those who are directly involved in aiding and showing solidarity towards migrants and refugees.

The President also called attention to recent collaborations with Panama in the Darién region and encouraged other nations to join this cooperative effort. He stressed that, despite some improvements, countries still require assistance and should not be penalized for their successes.

“No country should be punished for its own success,” he added.

Drawing examples from various fields, including environmental and socioeconomic issues, Chaves cautioned against prematurely cutting off aid, noting that such decisions can have counterproductive consequences.

“It’s not a logical way to provide incentives, nor is it a logical way to complete the task. We have seen countries backtrack after such decisions,” President Chaves pointed out.

In addition to discussing migration, Chaves touched upon other pressing concerns, such as security and environmental matters. He revealed that efforts are underway to install scanning equipment at more border points to enhance security measures.

On the environmental front, Chaves highlighted initiatives related to payments for environmental services and the extension of such programs to marine areas. “This,” he explained, “represents the new frontier for our contribution to the protection of the environment.”

President Chaves’ call for more direct support and his emphasis on international cooperation underscore the pressing challenges facing nations in the Americas, especially with regard to migration and environmental conservation.

The President’s speech resonates with the need for a united front in addressing these complex issues on a regional and global scale.

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