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Costa Rican Minister Visit Darien Gap Amid Regional Migrant Crisis

Costa Rica’s Minister of Security, Mario Zamora Cordero, and his vice minister, Manuel Jimenez, visited the Darien Gap to learn about the migratory flow in the area and the efforts made by Panama.

Zamora confirmed that President Chaves would visit the area on October 7, stating, “since the issue is handled at the highest level.”

The Minister of Security also emphasized the magnitude of the problem for both Panama and Costa Rica.

The Costa Rican delegation conducted a two-day tour, accompanied by Juan Pino and the directors of the National Border Service (SENAFRONT), Jorge Luis Gobea; of Migration, Samira Gozaine; and of the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN), Eliécer Cárdenas.

Costa Rica and Panama exchanged information on irregular migration in a collaborative effort to address a problem affecting both countries.

“We visited the Darien Gap today with the Panamanian authorities, and we observed in situ the human drama of people walking through areas that are pure jungle, not regular passage areas. We want to support all the measures of the Panamanian government, and we are also making joint efforts in Paso Canoas to improve the impact of the migratory flow,” said Zamora.

He also argued that efforts should be made to discourage migrants from using this route to prevent Panama and Costa Rica from suffering the impacts of irregular migration.

“Both Panama and Costa Rica are dealing with migratory flows that force our countries to allocate significant resources that could be used for other types of work,” he added.

Zamora also praised the work of the Panamanian authorities and stated it should be acknowledged by the international community.

At the same time, Panama’s Minister of Security, Juan Pino, explained that they visited the heart of Darien at Cañas Blancas and flew over the migrant reception towns of Cananembrillo and Bajo Chiquito.

“As transit countries and as the brotherly nations that we are, I am confident we will find solutions,” said Pino.

Both nations are at capacity, which is a concern for Mario Zamora and Juan Pino, especially since the migrant flow continues and both countries have limited resources to manage the situation.

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