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Costa Rica Celebrates Opening of New Bridge Over Zapote River

On Friday, the newly constructed bridge spanning the Zapote River in Brasilito de Santa Cruz de Guanacaste was inaugurated. This bridge, located on route 180, cost ₡700 million and was done by the firm Constructora MECO S.A.

The bridge is expected to bring several benefits to the local community. Residents of Santa Cruz will experience increased efficiency in commuting to workplaces, educational institutions, and medical centers. The transition from a single to a two-lane bridge is anticipated to significantly alleviate traffic congestion.

Additionally, the new bridge will be highly useful for both local and international tourists. The ease of transit provided by this bridge is likely to boost tourism in the area, which is known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife.

The bridge will also benefit recreational and commercial fishing activities in the vicinity. The previous bridge was too narrow to accommodate large trucks, making it difficult for fishermen to transport their catch to market. The new bridge will allow fishermen to operate more efficiently and effectively, boosting the local economy.

The bridge is also a significant safety improvement. The previous bridge was in poor condition and posed a risk to both pedestrians and motorists. The new bridge is well-designed and constructed, with safety features such as dual railings and sidewalks on both sides.

The inauguration of the new bridge brought a sense of relief to the local community. Residents expressed their appreciation for the government’s investment in infrastructure and their excitement about the benefits that the bridge will bring.

Interview with Pablo Camacho, Road and Bridge Construction Manager

Q: What were the biggest challenges faced during the construction of the bridge?

A: The biggest challenge was working within the constraints of the existing bridge. We had to carefully coordinate our construction activities to avoid disrupting traffic flow. Additionally, the riverbed is quite rocky, which made it difficult to build the foundations for the bridge.

Q: What are the most important safety features of the new bridge?

A: The most important safety features are the dual railing system and the sidewalks on both sides. The dual railings separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic, and the sidewalks provide a safe walking path for pedestrians. Additionally, the bridge is well-lit at night, which further enhances safety.

Q: How do you expect the new bridge to impact the local community and tourism?

A: The new bridge will have a significant positive impact on the local community and tourism. Residents will experience increased efficiency in commuting and better access to essential services. Tourists will benefit from smoother transit and easier access to the area’s many attractions. The bridge will also boost the local economy by facilitating and promoting artisanal and commercial fishing activities.

Overall, the new bridge over the Zapote River should be a valuable asset to the local community and the tourism industry in general. It is a testament to the government’s commitment to investing in infrastructure and improving the quality of life for all of us.

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