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Costa Rica in Crisis: Tackling Unprecedented National Crime Wave

President Rodrigo Chaves once again called a meeting with the heads of other branches of government to try to stem the crime wave sweeping the country.

Scheduled for this Tuesday at 10 am in Zapote, the urgent meeting has been announced through a press release and a statement issued by the Minister of Communication, Jorge Rodríguez.

Minister Rodríguez emphasized the government’s prioritization of security, highlighting the significance of this forthcoming assembly.

Recalling events from a year ago, the government had similarly organized a meeting with members of the Judicial Branch, representatives from Congress, and the National Security Council at the National Police Academy. The purpose then, as now, was to formulate joint policies and devise effective solutions to tackle the pressing issues at hand.

“The president has extended an invitation to Orlando Aguirre, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice; Carlo Díaz, the Attorney General of the Republic; Randall Zúñiga, the General Director of the Judicial Investigation Organism (OIJ); deputies from the Security and Drug Trafficking Commission; and leaders of all political parities,” the Chaves-Robles administration confirmed.

Additionally, Mario Zamora, the Minister of Public Security, and Gerald Campos, the Minister of Justice and Peace, will also be in attendance.

The primary focus of this gathering is to initiate immediate measures against rising insecurity. Among the topics on the agenda, they will discuss the advancement of several legislative proposals, such as the extradition of nationals and the modernization of telephone surveillance techniques.

“Security will continue to be a top priority for the government. This is why we’ve invited them to discuss the clear route and the responsibilities the different branches must assume,” added the Minister.

Costa Rica is experiencing an unparalleled crime wave. The nation has witnessed a record number of homicides, with projections suggesting a somber year-end total of roughly 900 murders.

“The government recognizes the crucial role of combating drug trafficking. We are optimistic that lawmakers, the Judicial Branch, the Public Prosecutor, and the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), will collaborate, ensuring a unified approach to address our collective responsibilities,” Rodríguez concluded.

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