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Children’s Day Spotlights Costa Rica’s Divides

September 9th’s Children’s Day festivities across Costa Rica celebrate the nation’s youngsters with games, gifts and special activities. However, recent data reveals a concerning backdrop – stark disparities impacting nearly 40% of children mired in poverty.

According to the 2022 National Household Survey (ENAHO), 39% of minors face impoverished conditions, especially in female-led homes with less education. Additionally, around 33.5% of kids aged 6-17 are not in school or lagging behind. This jeopardizes their future prospects.

The divides become clearer in the National Children’s Trust 2021 report. A mere 4% of the public education budget goes to indigenous communities, while Afro-descendants receive 2% – though the Central Region gets 52%.

The 2020 Child Well-Being Index by the Ministry of Planning and UNICEF also flagged human rights gaps in a third of cantons, underscoring the chasm between cities and rural areas.

“There’s an urgent need to tackle deep inequities amplifying over years,” said Laura Rivera of the Interdisciplinary Program for Child Rights Studies, noting child poverty exceeds general rates. Costa Rica ranks last in the OECD for child poverty.

Rivera highlighted the divided public education landscape across geography and school types, worsened by COVID-19.

While children deserve joy on their day, many still lack adequate conditions, futures and rights. Costa Rica must overcome hurdles to ensure all benefit equally from its prosperity.

“We cannot accept poverty stealing childhoods,” urged First Lady Claudia Dobles. “This Children’s Day, let us re-commit to securing every child’s welfare and education, no matter their background.”

President Chaves concurring, highlighted new investments in nutrition, internet access, and rural schools and roads to bridge gaps.

But experts say change must come faster, with strengthened social programs, cash transfers to disadvantaged families, and elevated budget priorities benefiting youth.

“Children are both our present and our future,” remarked sociologist Ana Guardado. “Their wellbeing determines Costa Rica’s destiny. We must unite to provide all youth the tools to thrive.”

As the festivities wind down, Costa Rica’s children face another 364 days till their next holiday. While Kids’ Day sparked smiles, lasting action is required to convert hardship into hope.

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