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Costa Rica Vows to Restore Peace and Reassure Citizens

The Costa Rican government assured citizens on Sunday’s National Broadcast that it is working to restore much-needed peace in the nation.

“For many years in Costa Rica, we have faced a wave of crime and violence that has robbed us of peace, freedom, and the lives of many,” the government said. “We know that this is a problem that affects us all, and we are committed to working together to find solutions.”

According to the Minister of Security, Mario Zamora, the country’s rising criminality is largely the result of the war between drug gangs.

“This wave of violence and criminality is being caused, for the most part, by organizations in a dispute over territories and power quotas,” Zamora said. “These gangs are often well-armed and dangerous, and they pose a serious threat to public safety.”

Zamora also stated that most victims and offenders are repeat offenders with criminal records. In some cases, they were under precautionary measures or prison benefits.

However, Zamora highlighted that there is “good news,” as the police are working hard and carrying out operations “in different identified areas.”

Currently, Limón and Puntarenas have been classified as the areas needing the most work. In these regions, maritime, port, and highway patrols have been increased to seize and detain any illegal shipments.

“The government announced the Costa Rica Segura Plus program, an inter-institutional effort,” Zamora noted. “We are all working jointly to ensure your safety.”

Likewise, the Minister highlighted the six Bills of Law presented before Congress that, if approved, will help to improve the situation radically.

The work carried out by security officials has paid off, as theft and other crimes against private property have decreased by 12%. Zamora also said that Costa Rica’s National Police Academy initiated a new introductory police training course with 100 new officials.

“We have two hundred and eighty-nine new vacancies we’ve got to fill,” he added. “Thanks to the supplementary budget we presented before the Legislative Assembly, we’re going to open three hundred extra spots.”

The government invited Costa Ricans to join the police forces and help build a better and safer country for current and future generations.

“We know that we cannot do this alone,” Zamora said. “We need the help of all Costa Ricans to make our country safe again.” The government’s announcement was met with mixed reactions from citizens. Some expressed hope that the new measures would help to reduce crime, while others were skeptical that the government could make a real difference.

Only time will tell whether the government’s efforts will be successful. However, it is clear that the government is committed to restoring peace to Costa Rica.

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