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U.S. and UNICEF Donate 1,800 Kits to Costa Rican Families for Child Development

The U.S. government and UNICEF Costa Rica donated 1,800 kits to families belonging to the National Care and Children Development Network (REDCUDI). The supplies included much-needed learning materials for youngsters.

As explained by the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica, the “resources will allow children ages 0 through 6 to play and perform activities that support skills improvement in different developmental areas.”

The National Care and Children Development Network was created to establish a public and universal childcare system. The kits were distributed in this state-funded program, which works closely with migrant families.

One thousand two hundred kits were for children ages 0 to 4, and 600 were designed for children up to age 6. Additionally, the packages for babies and toddlers “included hand puppets, crayons, maracas, and plastic tweezers for practicing fine motor skills.” Meanwhile, the material for older kids contained “magnets, a magnifying glass, a jump rope, and plastic cups of different sizes.”

The Embassy also mentioned that all packages incorporated children’s story books by Costa Rican authors “for parents and children to develop the habit of reading together as a family.”

Ambassador to Costa Rica Cynthia Telles affirmed that the United States will continue to “support Costa Rica’s efforts to improve migration policies and procedures.”

“The United States is working closely with the international community to support countries like Costa Rica that welcome migrants and refugees from this region and even from other parts of the world,” said Ambassador Telles.

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