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Panini to Launch Album on Costa Rica

Panini will release an exclusive album for Costa Rica, themed specifically on National Parks.

Costa Rica’s National Parks are one of the country’s main assets to generate foreign income through tourism, which positions the country as a symbol of conservation and environmental care.

Therefore, the Costa Rican company Dipo announced launching the first Panini album dedicated to the National Parks, exalting their role as protectors of the world’s biodiversity.

This unique album aims to raise funds for the National Parks Foundation and encourage people to visit them. It hopes to become a model platform to support the conservation of National Parks, directed towards raising awareness for their protection and to be a fun learning tool. Panini expects to make visible the efforts and commitments of institutions and companies to sustainability through this album.

“This is the first album in history that Panini makes for Costa Rica. Panini has never produced an album on any subject exclusive to the country. It is an excellent way to start with a theme that Costa Ricans are so passionate about and proud of, such as their National Parks and ecosystems,” explained Cristian Oreamuno, Director of Panini Costa Rica.

It all began in 2021 with a market study to evaluate the interest of Costa Ricans in collecting albums; the data highlighted that 87% are motivated to collect images with the theme of National Parks. The percentage increased to 95% when it was mentioned that some resources would support the National Parks Foundation of Costa Rica.

Also, towards the end of 2021, they transformed the country’s love for photography into beautiful collectible postcards for an official Panini album through a successful “Costa Rica de Colección” contest, where they were able to collect the most impressive and never-before-seen images of the natural wonders that Costa Rica has to offer.

A team of biologists, geographers, foresters, linguists, sociologists, psychologists, publicists, creatives, and art directors designed 48 pages and 242 collectible postcards. They also gave life to Yagú, the official character of the album: a jaguar that will promote the bio-fun of collecting this first Panini album dedicated to the National Parks of Costa Rica.

This initiative, developed by Grupo Dipo in collaboration with Panini and the Costa Rican National Parks Foundation, will be launched in April 2023.

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