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Floodwaters Strike Almost All Costa Rica Pacific Coast

A sudden three hour downpour hit various parts of Costa Rica’s central Pacific Coast yesterday afternoon.

Light rain began to fall at about noon but at around three p.m. it became very intense and stayed that way for over three hours.  As a result many low lying areas became inundated with floodwater almost neck high in some places.

The towns of Jaco, Parrita and Quepos  and surrounding areas were the places that most effected. Roads and small bridges were washed out in some places. Many homes and businesses were also impacted by water intrusions.

Local authorities are still in the process of clearing roads and debris and therefore have been unable to give a true account of all the damage.

Local residents are also aware that tomorrow another tropical weather front is expected to arrive over the country.

This year’s rainy season has been unusually wet, even by Costa Rica’s standard. Officials are concerned that further heavy rains on already saturated soils could cause more flooding.

As a result they have raised alert levels throughout the country, especially in the Central Valley and South/Central  Pacific Coast

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