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Costa Rica is the Go-To Post-Pandemic Travel Destination

Costa Rica eagerly prepares to receive thousands of tourists in the upcoming high season. The country hopes this important economic sector can revitalize after the hard blow of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Costa Rica is recognized worldwide as a sustainable destination, with lush rainforests, mountains, pristine and magnificent beaches, imponent volcanoes, and activities for every age and hobby.

Now, more than ever, travelers are looking for places to reconnect with nature and relax, which is why Costa Rica has spiked in popularity.

Before the pandemic, tourists used to stay for an average of 12.6 nights. However, their vacations have extended to 13.6 nights on average. This represents a significant increase for hotels whose business is reemerging.

“We have a variety of attractions that make the visitor want to stay as many days as possible; that is why the average stay of tourists in Costa Rica is so high. Now, it is 14 days, only surpassed by New Zealand and Australia,” explained William Rodriguez, Minister of Tourism.

When analyzing the origin of the tourists arriving in the country, the United States and Canada account for 72% of visitors, while Europe accounts for 19% of all international travelers.

Nature, ecotourism, adventure, beach, sports, agro-productive farms, culture, and wellness are part of the main activities post-pandemic tourism seeks in Costa Rica.

“Today we have a visitation marked by ‘revenge tourism’; people who spent locked up and stressed have the opportunity and income to go out and enjoy the money saved,” said Rubén Acón, president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur).

The lockdowns, quarantines, and the pandemic were appalling. Yet, if anything, it reminded the entire world of the beauty of going out and exploring the wild, feeling free and one with nature, and how important it is to enjoy life’s simple yet most beautiful things.

Recharging and enjoying the land of “Pura Vida,” sloths, waterfalls, beaches, adventures, and fun is an unmissable experience.

Costa Rica is a country that protects and cares for its nature, with friendly, hospitable, and happy people who are capable of giving visitors what they are looking for in a vacation: an unforgettable season filled with beautiful memories.

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