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Costa Rican companies are committed to social tourism

This week we celebrate Social Tourism, so the Costa Rican Tourism Institute recognized this Wednesday the work of 36 organizations committed to the Social Tourism with Integrity program promoted by the Institution. The recognition was given during a workshop with the participation of representatives of the 36 organizations registered in the process.

The Social Tourism with Integrity program seeks that all people, regardless of their socioeconomic or physical condition, nationality, or age, can enjoy the sustainable tourism destinations that Costa Rica offers to national and international tourism.

It was created in 2018 and comprises tourism companies, foundations, NGOs, and public organizations that develop programs, projects, and activities to improve citizens’ quality of life.

According to the International Organization of Social Work, social tourism is the effects and phenomena resulting from participation in tourism, specifically the involvement of groups in conditions of vulnerability.

William Rodríguez, Minister of Tourism, said that the program aims to enable groups of senior citizens, people with disabilities, children with economic limitations, and others to enjoy the various tourist attractions of Costa Rica.

“My commitment is to give follow-up, relevance, and support to these actions and to include some other institutions that have an important role in this field. This event is in line with my objectives to give back to tourism the social status that we have lost over time by giving relevance to merely economic aspects when the social is also relevant,” said the Minister at the inauguration of the workshop.

During the past year, these 36 companies met the requirements. They carried out actions that accredited them to carry out Social Tourism with Integrity, which means many more citizens could experience national tourism.

In Costa Rica, according to Executive Decree No. 39528-MP-TUR of December 10, 2015, Social Tourism is conceived as a universal right through which segments of the population guarantee access to rest, recreation, leisure, and free time with accessibility, safety, comfort, and quality services.

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute invites more companies and organizations in the country to enroll in this program.

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