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Costa Rica’s Bryan Ruiz wants to say goodbye to ‘La Sele’ at the World Cup

Bryan Ruiz has been a historic player for Costa Rica. His career in Europe was magnificent, his legacy with the national team historic and indelible and in his current team he is an idol. However, the ’10’ admits it is time to leave La Sele and he wants to do it the best possible way: playing in the World Cup in Qatar.

The ‘Sele’ captain reiterated that there is no turning back and that his decision has been made: at the end of this year he will end his career as a professional soccer player.

“For us, players of a generation that is coming to an end, so to say, it is nostalgic and very emotional to have this opportunity and to know that for many years we have given our best effort in the national team, we have achieved important things, we have even cried for some failures we have had during this process,” said Bryan Ruiz.

Ruiz is motivated for today’s match and expressed that he, along with his teammates, will leave their lives on the field to bring joy to the country.

“I want to finish this year in the best possible way. And I say ‘I’ because talking about Keylor and Celso, I am certain that they will continue in the national team for a while longer; that will be their decision. My decision has been made, they are younger than me and will surely have more in the national team, but it is their decision,” he insisted.

The Costa Rican soccer legend recalled his time with the national team, which was full of joys and also some bitter moments.

“I started in 2006 in the national team, in 2005, but well, in that 2006 generation. There was a very big change of generation in 2010, and it was up to several of us, including Celso and Keylor, to lead a group that was divided by the elimination of that moment,” he expressed.

“During these 12 years together leading the national team we have had unforgettable moments that will live in our minds and hearts for the rest of our lives, and we are also very excited to see what happened in the game against the United States (the victory with young players)” added ‘El Capi’ as he is well known, which is short for ‘El Capitan’ (The Captain).

Bryan emphasized the unity of the group and the desire to win the game, as well as the commitment of everyone on the team.

“Cooperation, this match is not won by an individual player, but by all of us, just as in the end we won the playoffs and made it to the play-offs. That has been the key,” explained Ruiz.

This playoff comes just in the week in which Bryan Ruiz celebrates 17 years of having made his debut with the Costa Rican national team and according to data from journalist and statistician Christian Sandoval.

“To celebrate 17 years in the national team is really a great achievement for me and it is a joy to be able to have this opportunity to celebrate so many years and so many games with the national team,” said an emotional Bryan Ruiz.

Reflecting on what is coming up today with this playoff, he said he can compare it to each of the elimination matches they have had.

“It is knowing that this Tuesday is the moment to qualify for a World Cup and that there is an immense illusion. And that we have an all or nothing chance for something so important, something historic, which is to qualify for the first time to three consecutive World Cups,” he pointed out.

Certainly, this will be a very special match for Ruiz and for Costa Rica as a country. The historic captain deserves to have his farewell in the biggest celebration of the game of soccer: the World Cup.

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