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Costa Rica Covid-19 Driving Restrictions Are Lifted

The authorities of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation will no longer be enforcing the Cov-19 sanitary driving restrictions.

Those restrictions prevented the majority of vehicles throughout country from being on the road at night until the early morning. They were in response to the pandemic as a way to help reduce infections without having to resort to a complete lockdown of the country.

As infections and deaths have declined dramatically, and people and businesses were calling for a return to normal, the government began to announce the lifting of several restrictions and the easing of others.

The prior restriction for vehicles in the metropolitan San Jose that was in place before the Covid-19 pandemic will remain in place

This restriction applies from 6 am to 7 pm, starting with plates ending in 1 or 2, on Mondays and culminating with those ending in 9 or 0 on Fridays, on all routes included along the ring road around San Jose.

Motorcycles, emergency vehicles, all vehicles for transporting people, workers or special vehicles, taxis, as well as people with disabilities or vehicles with environmentally friendly technologies, such as electric vehicles, are part of the of the exceptions to the restriction.

In addition, as of April 1 foreign visitors will no longer have to provide the QR code health pass to enter the country.

The Minister of Health Daniel Salas has said that the lifting of these restrictions does not mean the Cov-19 pandemic is over in Costa Rica. He urges all citizens to continue to take the proper measures to protect themselves and others.

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