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Costa Rica Has Received Over 9 Million Covid -19 Vaccines

The Casa Presidencial announced with the second shipment of vaccines from the United States, it as surpassed over nine million doses since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of those doses over seven and a half million came from contractual purchases and the balance came from other countries including the United States which were over (1.1million), Canada (320,00), Spain (70,000 doses), the Dominican Republic (57,000) and Austria (50,000).

In a country of just over 5 million people, the vast majority already vaccinated at least one once, and almost 500,00 with a third vaccination, it would appear that if the trend continues it could help curb the current strains on the countries medical system.

Medical experts acknowledge that vaccinations may not actually prevent infection to new variants but do reduce the chance of severe illness, hospitalization and death.

The Casa Presidencial also released the following statement:

President Alvarado and the president of the CCSS, Román Macaya, reported that a second vaccination will begin in the coming days for the massive application of donated doses. by the United States Government.

In addition they also announced an update related to the beginning of the upcoming school year. Costa Rica recently approved vaccinations for children from the age of 9 years and older.

All children must attend vaccinations accompanied by an adult, and with the blue vaccine control booklet. In addition, health establishments may activate contingency plans on Fridays to vaccinate children 7 years of age and older, depending on the availability of vaccines.

The Covid-19 virus has proven to government officials to be like shooting at a moving target but many believe that, for now, with vaccinations more available, that there may be a shift in strategy.

If vaccinations reduce the impact on the medical system and those that can receive vaccinations do so, restrictions on commercial activities may be reduced.

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