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Costa Rica Prosecutors Open Investigation Into Alleged Coup Plot

Presidential candidate and former President of the Legislative Assembly Eduardo Cruickshank alleges it was suggested to him “to be ready to assume the presidency of the Republic” in the midst of protests against President Carlos Alvarado and his government.

These allegations came to light in a recently released part of Cruickshank’s book detailing his experience in the Assembly

Cruickshank says he was approached during the 2020 nationwide protests but does not mention any names or organization that approached him.

“When the country was in a highly tense situation, different groups of protesters would tell me to go signup because I was in the order of succession, but my resounding answer was always a resounding no,” Cruickshank said.

Cruickshank was emphatic in declaring that he would never participate in any such scheme and that he “always” made clear to those that approached him.

His newly released book describes his feelings and his beliefs surrounding the toughest issues in the year in which the limonense presided over Congress, between May 2020 and April 2021.

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