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Costa Rica unveils new bills

The Central Bank of Costa Rica on Friday unveiled two new bills.

The 1,000 and 10,000-colón banknotes will enter circulation on October 15, 2021. They feature the same figureheads, but are designed to be stronger and more secure.

“The new ₡1,000 and ₡10,000 banknotes, printed on a polymer substrate, are more durable, safer and 100% recyclable,” the Central Bank says. “The same characters, motifs, tones and sizes of the cotton paper banknotes are kept.”

Costa Rica’s colorful currency

The Central Bank in 2010 began phasing out Costa Rica’s old bills and put into circulation the new banknotes, which you can view below:

1000 bill
2000 bill
5000 bill
10000 bill
20000 bill

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