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Commemorative stamps mark Costa Rica’s path to 200 years

Costa Rica is celebrating its bicentennial this year, and the country is marking the occasion with, among other things, a series of stamps picturing its national symbols.

In 2017, Correos de Costa Rica began printing the “Toward the Bicentennial of Independence” stamp series. The fifth and final edition — containing six stamps of three different motifs — will be released this year.

The first four depicted:

  • The flag, shield and national anthem (2017).
  • The jigüirro, white-tailed deer and manatee (2018).
  • The National Theater, Pre-Columbian Indigenous Spheres and Los Crestones del Cerro Chirripó (2019).
  • The oxcart, torch and marimba (2020).

The fifth and final installment will include the Guanacaste tree, the purple guaria and the coffee bean. It will begin circulating on July 12.

“Coffee stands out as a national symbol that recently joined the list as an emblem of economic, social and cultural development,” the Presidency said.

Read more about each of Costa Rica’s national symbols here. 

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