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Costa Rica relocation/retirement guide book releases its 19th edition

Long time Costa Rica citizen and Tico Times columnist, Christopher Howard, releases the 19th edition of his popular relocation/retirement guide

Over 40 years ago Christopher Howard made his maiden voyage to Costa Rica and it was love at first site. Have had lived and studied in Mexico, but his dream was to find his slice of paradise in some other part of Latin America. It turned out that Costa Rica more than fit the bill.

He relocated here in 1980 and the rest is history. Within a couple of years he founded a successful language institute but his life took a 180 degree turn. In 1988 while reading an ad in a U.S. publication for a book about retiring in Mexico, it occurred to him that no such guide existed for Costa Rica.

So, he put together a short 100-page booklet about moving here. Slowly but surely and after 18 best-selling editions his guidebook book evolved and improved into what it is today.

Christopher just finished updating the new edition of the 788-page guidebook,  “The New Golden Door to Retirement and Living in Costa Rica — the official guide to relocation.” Like all of Howard’s other books about Latin America, this new edition is published by his company, Costa Rica Books S.A.

All of the nuts and bolts, time-tested advice, insider information and contacts are included to make the move relatively  seamlessly.

The book contains fourteen well-organized chapters which cover a variety of topics in detail: Costa Rica’s land and history, choosing where to live, saving money, making money, health care, starting a business, real estate, red tape, residency, staying busy and happy, communications, getting around, education (tips for learning Spanish and language schools), more useful information, parting thoughts and advice and resources.

In addition, there are anecdotes about expats experiences while living here and sidebars with practical tips.

A previous edition was featured on the cover of Publishers Weekly’s annual travel edition and was a candidate for the independent Publishers Group’s Benjamin Franklin Award for outstanding independent publishing.

As a result of his books popularity Christopher began to offer one-of-a-kind relocation/retirement tours to Costa Rica in the early 1990s. For details see:

To purchase a copy of this new DIGITAL eBook see or soon on in both kindle and hard cover formats.


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