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The most beautiful things about Costa Rica

One of the first things that you’ll notice about Costa Rica is how beautiful the natural habitat is. This Central American country is pristine in all its majesty.

Much of the extraordinary beauty is due to the rainforest and the rainy season, which keeps everything flourishing and spectacular year-round. Costa Rican beaches are simply surreal, and thanks to government decrees, almost 100% of the coastal area is protected. These maritime zones proscribe any and all construction efforts within 200 m of the high tide point. While you traverse this incredible landscape, you are likely to happen upon all manner of wild animals, including toucans, sloths, gorgeous parrots, and troops of monkeys as far as the eye can see.

Many argue that the panoramic magnificence of Costa Rica has been touched by the hand of God, while others simply concur that government protection of the natural environment has safeguarded this slice of heaven from ruination.

City folks from all corners of the globe are left in absolute wonderment as if they have won a jackpot playing casino games on the mansion platform, once they arrive in Costa Rica. The beauty is beyond words; the natural order of things is so humbling and overwhelming that one cannot help but feel blessed by Costa Rica’s warm embrace. The moment you touch down on this sacred earth, it’s as if time itself stands still. The hullabaloo of the concrete jungle instantly disappears, as if it never even existed. The sounds of nature fill your ears, and the pristine beauty of this glorious enclave is like a rainbow of bright colors splashed across a brilliant white canvas.

A Life of Purity

There are many incredible destinations in Costa Rica, and all of them are natural.

Pura Vida ranks highly among locals and tourists since it encapsulates the very essence of Costa Rican life. It’s a purity, a serenity, a tranquility that feels as if it was expertly crafted by this place. But it’s not a place – it’s everywhere in Costa Rica. You feel it, and see it, and hear it, and smell it, and touch it, and taste it everywhere.

This country is nothing like many other countries of the Western world – it’s all about the land, the animals, the locals, and a basic way of life which has worked for eons. Don’t be expecting sophisticated technology and high-end accommodations – that’s not what a vacation to Costa Rica is all about. Once you’re settled in your sleeping quarters, you will likely be itching to get out and about exploring all that this country has to offer. Be sure to plan ahead with trusted tour guides as there have been cases of increasing crime levels in this heavily frequented tourist destination.

Rolling Mountains Across Costa Rica

There are many beautiful mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and natural springs peppered throughout this landscape, and with just over 5 million people in Costa Rica, it is a small country. There’s lots of hiking, lots of trails, lots of natural dangers like scorpions, snakes, spiders, swarming ants, and all sorts of other bugbears – but none of it seems to matter when you are truly at one with nature. If you see geckos in your room, consider yourself blessed – they are the mosquito eaters and a natural pest control system.

Nobody goes to Costa Rica expecting Hawaii, or the Florida Keys – this is a Central American country with its own personality, way of life, and cultural norms. People get up early and get things done in the day. Night-time activities tend to end a little earlier than in the West, but that’s just the way of life in Costa Rica. For the most part, you can expect many restaurants and entertainment venues to close by the hour of 10, and bars by the time the clock strikes 12…

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