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Paddy and Brad wish you a Happy Easter for Slothy Sunday

Every year around March and into Easter, the Toucan Rescue Ranch starts to see a high volume of animal rescues. During this time of year, many animals have offspring and sadly need rescuing due to deforestation, traffic accidents, electrocution or drought, when animals can’t find enough food to feed their babies or themselves. This time of year, we also see a spike in the illegal pet trade.

The Environment Ministry (MINAE) is busy busting poachers capturing animals from the wild to sell during the holidays. Just in the past week, Toucan Rescue Ranch has received 15 new arrivals from various situations, and we know this will continue increasing over the next few weeks.

Among the new arrivals, we have two baby two-fingered sloths in our care that we would like to announce for #SlothSunday!

First, we would like to introduce Brad Pitt

Brad Bitt at Toucan Rescue Ranch
Via Toucan Rescue Ranch.

Brad Pitt was rescued near our Release Site in Sarapiquí. He was found on his mom, who was on the ground unresponsive. The two were taken to a local veterinary clinic, Carivet Animal Hospital, where the mother sadly died despite efforts to revive her. Both Toucan Rescue Ranch and the vets at Carivet are not entirely sure of the cause of death of Brad’s mother.

One theory is that she was intoxicated by something such as agricultural pesticides. This has become a more common occurrence in wildlife. Rescue centers across Costa Rica, especially those near agricultural land, are seeing mutations in animals and receiving an increasing number of patients that show signs of poisoning or intoxication. Oftentimes, these animals live within or bordering pineapple, palm oil, and banana plantations that use pesticides.

Luckily, Brad did not have the same fate as his mother. After his mother passed, he was transported to Toucan Rescue Ranch headquarters where he is being given 24-hour care. Brad has a reputation with his caregivers and is known to scratch and attack. He has a feisty spirit, which we know will help him on his journey back to the wild.

Introducing Paddy

Paddy the Sloth
Via Toucan Rescue Ranch.

Paddy is an orphan in our nursery receiving feedings every three to four hours. His story is one of animal abuse. Paddy was rescued in Sarapiqui near our Release Site, similar to Brad. MINAE was able to recover the tiny baby after his mother was macheted. This act of violence is a shock to animal lovers but is unfortunately not all that uncommon. Toucan Rescue Ranch has received animals who suffered the same fate, including tamanduas and kinkajous.

Paddy’s story is a strong reminder of how important education is. In conservation, education is our strongest tool in combating animal abuse, deforestation, the climate crisis, and many other dangers that our natural world faces today. That is why Toucan Rescue Ranch has an Education Program at each of its two locations in Sarapiqui and San Josecito, Heredia. It is important to teach parents and children alike of the necessity of biodiversity and the incredible wildlife that frequent their backyards daily. Through education, we have seen the positive implications it has on its community and the betterment of the local environment. It’s truly a win-win.

In response to COVID-19, to keep our Education Program going Toucan Rescue Ranch has started providing virtual tours! We have various experiences available with a guide who gives you an all-access walk of the property sharing fun animal facts, rescue stories, and animals in rehabilitation! Every cent goes right back into the care of the animals! To make your reservation you can visit 

Toucan Rescue Ranch, Brad, and Paddy all wish you a peaceful, healthy, and safe Easter. We would also like to invite you to symbolically adopt Brad or Paddy and donate to their overall care during these difficult times. To learn more about our Adoption Program and how to get started, please visit

— Zara Palmer is the Marketing Manager at Toucan Rescue Ranch.

To help Toucan Rescue Ranch please consider donating.

Toucan Rescue Ranch Logo This article was produced by The Toucan Rescue Ranch. The Toucan Rescue Ranch specializes in helping wild animals recover so that they can be reintroduced into the wild. For more information or to donate, visit the Toucan Rescue Ranch website.


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