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Drug and alcohol detox programs in Costa Rica

When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, every individual is different.

That’s why the Costa Rica Treatment Center, located in the upscale San José neighborhood of Rohrmoser, tailors its detox protocol to account for everyone’s unique withdrawal symptoms and needs.

For many people, detox is the first step toward recovery, and that’s also true at the Costa Rica Treatment Center. Upon arrival, clients undergo a full examination with qualified medical professionals. If necessary, the Costa Rica Treatment Center’s three psychiatrists and two general doctors will collaborate with a nursing staff to tailor a detox process specific to the client.

Depending on the situation, clients can receive a variety of medications and treatments to reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms and, most importantly, ensure their safety. While withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly, patients at Costa Rica Treatment Center can be assured they are receiving the necessary support from medical professionals who are committed to their health and sobriety.

The Costa Rica Treatment Center and its medical professionals are experienced in alcohol detox, opiate detox, heroin detox, meth detox and more. They can provide treatment with methadone, suboxone, Subutex and Buprenorphine to help manage a detox.

Regardless of the substance, Costa Rica Treatment Center ensures all patients receiving addiction treatment immediately have withdrawal symptoms addressed by the right medical professionals to preserve patient comfort and health.

They understand detox can be emotionally and psychologically exhausting, so the community of Costa Rica Treatment Center staff offers the necessary support to protect patient health.

The individualized treatment doesn’t stop at detox. After all, Costa Rica Treatment Center’s philosophy ensures each client develops the necessary internal resources parallel to their detox as a vital component to ensuring successful reintegration into a post-treatment life.

After addressing the physical toxicity of drugs and alcohol through detox, clients meet with their assigned treatment team and create a personalized plan for recovery from substance use disorder.

The treatment plans include individual and group therapies, addiction counseling, physical activity and spiritual development.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is also connected with the English-speaking 12-step communities in Costa Rica, and clients regularly attend off-site meetings and are encouraged to engage in sponsor/sponsee relationships with members of the program. Other activities at the Center include yoga taught by a certified instructor, art therapy led by a certified art therapist and psychologist, and forest therapy led by a certified nature therapist.

Through their personalized detox and treatment plan, the Costa Rica Treatment Center helps promote recovery and long-term sobriety.

Costa Rica Treatment Center is located in Rohrmoser, San José, Costa Rica. It offers 30, 60, 90 and 120-day intensive treatment programs. To learn more about Costa Rica Treatment Center, visit their website at or for Spanish at

This story was sponsored by Costa Rica Treatment Center.

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