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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

No suspected cases of coronavirus in Costa Rica, Health Ministry says

Costa Rica does not have any suspected cases of coronavirus, the Health Ministry said Monday.

The Health Ministry has issued protocols for public and private health centers to follow in the event of a suspected case of the coronavirus in Costa Rica. The guidelines, which can be read in their entirety here, include a quarantine of the affected patient(s) and strict follow-up of people with whom they have come in contact.

“The health system in Costa Rica has protocols and procedures that allow facing these epidemiological alerts,” said Health Minister Daniel Salas. “In the same way that the AH1N1 and SARS-CoV influenza virus was processed, what is appropriate is the disclosure of the protocol of action for the health care centers, where the clinical picture and the report to be made are detailed.”

The 2019-nCoV virus, a coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China that causes respiratory illnesses, has killed more than 100 people, infected more than 4,000 and spread to more than a dozen countries.

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