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Is Costa Rica just for dental implants?

It is no secret that dental care in the United States is getting so expensive that Americans are increasingly forced to look beyond the border to get the care that they need.

As the demand for dental care abroad increases, countries are adapting and updating their clinics, staff, equipment, and the materials they use, in order to offer the same level of service that Americans are used to (and in some cases, even better). Among these options, Costa Rica stands out as one of the best places to go, given its high-quality dentistry, relatively short distance from the US, and affordable prices.

Even when you take into account the travel expenses, a dental trip to Costa Rica is still cheaper than getting dental implants in the United States. But what if you don’t need dental implants, but rather another type of dental solution? Maybe the help you are seeking is cosmetic, or it involves treatment for gum disease, etc. Is it still worth the trip?

The answer will depend on the type of treatment you need and your specific circumstances, although in most cases, it won’t take long for you to figure it out.

If all you need is a simple treatment, like a filling for a cavity, then of course getting it with your local dentist is likely the best option, unless you are already planning a vacation in Costa Rica, which makes it easy to combine you fun with a little dental care. But what if you need other types of dental treatments? Not every patient needs dental implants. Some of them need other treatments, that can be quite expensive.

Periodontal surgery is one of these. Also known as gum surgery, it’s used with patients with advanced periodontal disease and it’s performed by lifting the gums, removing the infected tissue, and repositioning the gums. Starting at $2,000 per quadrant, it can get more expensive since patients who need it tend to have other dental issues that require treatment.

Veneers are another example. Considered aesthetic dentistry by most dental plans and not covered, it can start at $2,000 per tooth, although usually you need more than one, in addition to cleaning and any other dental care required. Quality porcelain veneers in Costa Rica can cost as little as $450 to $500 per veneer. In fact, most patients discover that you can afford 4 veneers in Costa Rica for the price of a single veneer in most major US cities.

If you have a family that needs dental care, you know how costly it can be. Maybe you don’t need an expensive treatment; but imagine if two or three members of your family need some minor treatment. The costs can add up quickly. A short vacation and lower dental treatment costs might sound attractive at this point.

The answer, as you might expect, is as unique as you are. Consider your circumstances to decide if dental treatment in Costa Rica is for you. Better yet, pick up the phone today to discuss your needs with a dentist in Costa Rica and learn what the real deal is. You may be surprised to learn that Costa Rica offers a wide variety of solutions you need at prices you can afford. Visit and fill out a form for a free referral to one of the leading dental clinics in Costa Rica. It can be difficult to know which clinics are truly recommended, safe and accredited. We’ll help you find the right clinic for your needs at no charge.

Barbara Goldman is an Accreditation Specialist at Costa Rica Dental Guide

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