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‘I didn’t know being a manager would be so boring,’ says manager who lost majority of games

Maybe the job would’ve been more exciting if he had won more games?

Gustavo Matosas didn’t make any new friends Wednesday afternoon when the Costa Rica men’s national team manager announced his surprise resignation at a press conference.

“I didn’t know being a manager would be so boring,” he said, drawing ire from Costa Rica soccer fans everywhere.

Was it boring to lose his first two games, including a shocking loss to Guatemala? Was it boring to finish second in the Gold Cup group despite being heavy favorites and having a home game, to boot? Was it boring to be eliminated in the quarterfinal round by rivals Mexico?

Some context, in fairness: Matosas was describing how eager he is to manage a club team, where he’ll be more involved in the day-to-day coaching of the players.

But when Matosas announced he was leaving La Sele after just three wins in eight matches, Ticos didn’t hold back with their ridicule.

Maybe they’ll be extra noisy during Friday’s match — Matosas’s last as Costa Rica’s manager — to make sure he stays awake on the sideline.

They wouldn’t want the coach to miss another lackluster performance, after all.


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