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Costa Rica issues ‘strong and resounding’ protest against Nicaraguan military incursion

The Government of Costa Rica on Tuesday issued a “most energetic and resounding protest” after six uniformed Nicaraguan military pursued and killed a civilian in Costa Rican territory.

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Tuesday afternoon’s note, sent by Costa Rica’s Foreign Ministry to its Nicaraguan counterpart, demands “explanations of the case and the assurance that events like this will not be repeated.”

“These members of the Nicaraguan Army, as confirmed by witnesses to the situation, killed a Nicaraguan citizen named Rubén Loáisiga, whose body remained in the area, and subsequently returned to the territory of Nicaragua,” the note read.

“In addition to the murder that was committed on Costa Rican soil by Nicaraguan officials, the entry of Nicaraguan military into the Costa Rican territory constitutes a serious violation of the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the Republic of Costa Rica,” it continued.

The note said Nicaraguan troops had violated the Charter of the Organization of American States, the Charter of the United Nations, and also the constitution of Costa Rica, “which states that foreign troops may only enter Costa Rican soil with prior authorization from the Legislative Assembly.”

Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) are continuing an investigation into the events.

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