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Announcing The Tico Times’ next Deep Dive: Costa Rica’s Southern Zone

In late 2018, The Tico Times began something new: taking our entire editorial team on week-long visits to Costa Rican communities far beyond the Central Valley. By spending seven days or more with reporters, photographers, videographers, and food and drink gurus on hand, we generate seven days’ worth of in-depth reporting, travel tips and more.

Next up is Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, home to some of the country’s most extraordinary biodiversity, hardest-working changemakers and biggest socioeconomic challenges. While we could (happily) spend many months reporting from Southern Zone communities, we plan to fit all we can into our weeklong exploration by air, land and sea from March 25-31. And we’d love to hear your suggestions.

If you call this region home, what are the stories you’d like to see told? If you’re eyeing a visit to this area, what’s the information you wish you had? If you’re a local business owner, how can we work with you to shine a light on the destinations and experiences you love?

Contact us at We’d love to hear from you. (And check out our Santa Teresa and Puerto Viejo Deep Dives for a taste of what we’re planning.)

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