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The Tico Times launches Patreon with perks for donors

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The Tico Times is a source of independent, unique and quality journalism in Costa Rica and Central America. We connect communities and cultures throughout Costa Rica, as well as people around the world who are interested in our country and region. We are working to build a sustainable, ethical and environmentally responsible media organization.

We do this by:

  • Training the next generation of fact-driven journalists in Costa Rica
  • Documenting Costa Rican cultures and history with an eye on the future
  • Promoting and showcasing solutions to Costa Rica’s challenges
  • Serving as a meeting place for Central American and international journalists
  • Amplifying the voices of outstanding journalists throughout Central America

And we love sloths.

Your support makes all that possible.

It also moves us toward our goal of enlisting 5 percent of our readers as subscribers in 2019. This would make us a fully reader-funded newspaper and allow us to do much more of the work you love.

That’s why today, we launched our Patreon page. Become a Patron by clicking here to support The Tico Times.

We’ve started working on exclusive content for supporters — from a free PDF of our print editions, to exclusive e-books, to behind-the-scenes looks at our work. We are gearing up to show you just how much your support means to us.

Thank you for being a part of our mission and please spread the word. We need to reach 5,000 subscribers to meet our 5 Percent goal in 2019, so please tell friends who love Costa Rica, great journalism or adorable sloth videos to join the club! Monthly donations are most helpful for us since it supports our monthly planning, but one-time donations are greatly appreciated as well!

Support the Tico Times

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