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Tamarindo to host underground electronica Ocaso Music Festival

The beach town of Tamarindo, Guanacaste, will once more take a dip into the underground electronica music scene when the Ocaso Music Festival kicks off its second consecutive edition.

The festival will be held from Jan. 4–7, providing attendees with a varied selection of both national and international electronica DJs,

The festival was first conceived by Los Angeles promoters Devin Ellis and Brett Ballou, who then partnered with Costa Rican music promoter the Vanguard Group in order to create Ocaso. Ellis’s main goal has always been to provide Costa Ricans with a quality festival in a calm town like Tamarindo.

“We chose Tamarindo because we just love the feeling of the town. It’s so relaxed and laid back and it really goes along with…  the energy of the festival we’re trying to create, which is very welcoming and very inviting to the public,” Ellis told The Tico Times via Skype.

The festival focus on providing fans with a unique experience as well as providing exposure to underground DJs.

Organizers chose a name with a mystical vibe.

“The word ocaso has many meanings…[it’s] sort of a mystical sunset. That is really what we’re going for. Most of our events either start or end with the sunset, and that is really important here because the sunset is so beautiful in Tamarindo. We really want people to enjoy that sunset every day while they’re here,” Ellis mentioned.

This year’s concert-goers can view their sunsets while listening to a varied selection of DJs with experience in the Latin American market, but are still emerging artists. Besides Latin American artists, the festival also includes DJs from the United States, Europe, Canada and Spain.

Ellis’s main goal is for fans to have fun in Tamarindo during the festival.

“The audience can expect really to be fully immersed in sound and light and music. We want them to be totally free to have as much fun as they can. We accept everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a boy or what you believe in. We want everyone to come and enjoy and be a part of our family,” Ellis told The Tico Times.

Check out a video of the cacti labyrinth in La Senda, one of the three festival venues:

The Ocaso Festival will be held in three different locations: El Be! Club, the spiritual place La Senda, and El Pacífico Bar.

The Ocaso Music Festival will be held from Jan. 4–7 in Tamarindo, Guanacaste. Tickets range from $35 to $240. For more information visit Ocaso Music Festival’s website and Facebook page.

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