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Photos: 10 amazing hummingbirds in Costa Rica

Being from Europe, I didn’t see a hummingbird until I was 27 years old in Venezuela, but it was love at first sight. Ever since I’ve been fascinated by the way they move, their beauty and their tiny size.

Although hummingbirds tend to be on the nervous side, sitting in a garden surrounded by flowers and watching hummingbirds go after their beloved nectar can be a very relaxing activity. The camera helps to freeze the scenes and make visible what the naked eye misses.

The flying skills of these hovering gems are topped only by their beauty. This is nature at its finest.

The over 50 species of hummingbirds that live in Costa Rica are spread all over the country, from mangrove forests to rain forests to cloud forests to 3,000-meter páramo landscapes.

It has become a personal mission for me to capture and share wildlife images. If more and more people fall in love with nature, there is a natural call to protect our mother Earth. I truly hope we can hand over a blue and green planet to the next generation.

Scintillant hummingbird, female.
Florian Kuster
Magnificent hummingbird, male.
Florian Kuster
Magenta-throated woodstar, female.
Florian Kuster
Green violetear.
Florian Kuster
Black-bellied hummingbird, male.
Florian Kuster
White-throated mountaingem, male.
Florian Kuster
White-necked jacobin, male.
Florian Kuster
Volcano hummingbird, male.
Florian Kuster
Violet sabrewing, male.
Florian Kuster

Florian Kuster is a Swiss photographer living in Costa Rica who specializes in architecture photograpy, 360˚virtual tours and videos. In his free time he is a passionate nature and wildlife photographer and sometimes takes his friends on tour to discover the beautifully green and versatile Costa RicaFor licensing nature images please write to

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