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Palmares Fest, Live Opera Screening, and other happenings around Costa Rica

Palmares Festival

This traditional Costa Rican festival features bullfights, horse parades and carnival rides, as well as singer Alpha Blondy, of the Ivory Coast, who will perform with his band The Solar System Jan. 17 at noon, and bands Auténticos Decadentes and Los Pericos who will offer a concert at noon Jan. 24. Both concerts will be free, and only for people over 18. Many more activities will be held during the festival.

“Fiestas de Palmares” takes place Jan. 13 – 25 in the city of Palmares, northwest of San José. Most of the activities are free. More info: Fiestas Palmares Facebook page.

Les Pêcheurs de Perles

The next best thing to being there in person: a live screening from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York of Georges Bizet’s “Les Pêcheurs de Perles.” Soprano Diana Damrau stars as Leila, a beautiful priestess pursued by two pearl fishers who compete for her love.

“Les Pêcheurs de Perles” will screen live on Jan. 16 at the Eugene O’Neill Theater, in Barrio Dent. 11:55 a.m. ₡10,000 – 20,000 ($20 – 40). Buy tickets here. More info: Event Facebook page.

Curubanda Inauguration and Workshops

Curubanda Academy will open its doors for the first time on Jan. 30 to teach aerial silks, yoga, dance, and pilates. As a preamble to the grand opening, the academy will be offering summer workshops on yoga, acroyoga, bellydance, and aerial silks for children and adults.

“Talleres de Verano Curubanda” take place Jan. 18 – 30 at Curubanda Academy in Liberia, Guanacaste. Different schedule option, and prices. More info: Event Facebook page.

Craft Beer Fest

Sample Costa Rican craft beers including Cervecería Artesanal, Treintaycinco, Hoppy Ideas, La Bruja, Uno Cero Uno,  Arboleda, Costa Rica Meadery, Calle Cimarrona, and Beéche. Each beer ₡1,000 ($2).

“Festival de Cerveza Artesanal” takes place Jan. 17 at Artisan Brew Pub in Heredia. 12 noon. Entrance is free. More info: Event Facebook page.

Ditsú Organic Fair

Fair with organic fruit and vegetables and offers on special products such as kombucha, superfoods, baked goods, and approximately 600 more products.

“Feria Orgánica Ditsú” takes place Jan. 16 at Ditsú Nutrición y Mercado Orgánico in Escazú. Free. More info: Event Facebook page.

Film: “Preamble” Film Fest

The Costa Rican Center for Film Production will screen national and international films as a prelude to the opening of the new national film library.

Jan. 15: “Le meraviglie,” directed by Alice Rohrwacher, 2014. Four girls live in isolation in accordance with their father’s wishes that they stay in touch with nature. At 7 p.m.

Jan. 16: “Conducta,” a Cuban film directed by Ernesto Daranas, 2014. Tells the story of Chala, a child who lives in a home environment filled with violence and drug use, and who gets involved in dog fights to earn money. At 4 p.m. “A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence,” directed by Roy Andersson, 2014. Two men who, in the classic roles of Don Quijote and Sancho, go on an interesting trip that reveals human destiny. At 7 p.m.

Jan. 17: “The Secret in Their Eyes,” an Argentine film directed by Juan José Campanella, 2009. A retired judicial employee decides to write a novel about an unsolved crime that has haunted him since he participated in the investigation. At 4 p.m. “Blood Simple,” directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, 1984. A man finds out that his wife is cheating on him with one of his employees, so he plans the murder of both. At 7 p.m.

Movies are free. More info: Centro de Cine Website.

Vacation Workshops

National Museum (San José): A total of 17 different workshops for children and adults are on offer during the ongoing school break, including notebook decoration, fossils of Costa Rica, secrets of antique photographs, traditional oxcart painting, pre-Columbian pottery making, origami, cardboard sculptures, Greek mask making, basic Tang Soo Do, indigenous spirituality, and more. Jan. 18 – 29. Free. More info: 2256-4139 or

Juan Santamaría Museum (Alajuela): Artistic drawing, engraving, traditional games, puppets and handicraft making. Jan. 19 – 29. From 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Free. More info: 2442–1838, ext. 119; or

Rafael Ángel Calderón Guardia Museum (San José): Drawing, pottery, painting, and lithography. Jan. 25 – 29. Different schedule options. Free. More info: 2222-6392, ext. 105; or

Taller Nacional de Teatro (San José): Acting classes for adults, teenagers, children; workshop of the art of speaking in public, and script writing. Jan. 11 – Feb. 2. ₡15,000 ($30). 4 classes, 3 hours each. More info: 2221-1273, or Facebook page.

José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center (San Ramón): Painting, violin, handicrafts, ballet, dance, origami, and kite making. Jan. 12 – Feb. 2. ₡5,000 – 20,000 ($10 – 40). Different schedule options. More info: 2447-2178.

Upcoming Concerts:

Back 2 school: Singer Karen Rojas, along with various instrumentalists, will play alternative rock and grunge hits from the ’90s. Jan. 15 at MundoLoco El Chante, San Pedro. 9:30 p.m. ₡3,000 ($6). More info: 2253-4125.

Tribute to Adele: Charlene Stewart will sing selections from Adele’s newest album, “25,” and “Live At The Royal Albert Hall.” Jan. 16 at Jazz Café Escazú. 9:30 p.m. ₡5,000 ($10). More info: 8830-6912.

Capone and Garbanzos live: The ska bands join forces; Capone will be presenting its latest album, “Stand by Me.” Jan. 16 at El Sótano, Barrio Amón. 9 p.m. ₡2,000 ($4). More info: 2221-2302.

Alpha Blondy: The singer will be offer a concert with his band The Solar System, at the Palmares Festival. Jan. 17 at Palamares. 12 noon. Free. More info: Fiestas Palmares Facebook page.

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