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Costa Rica lawmaker gets blasted on social media for unfortunate tweet

Dengue? Gripe quiebra huesos? Today’s cautionary tale of social media comes to you courtesy of Costa Rican politician Óscar López. If you’re thinking about posting a picture of yourself laying on a couch in the fetal position and you happen to hold political office, or really if you just have a Twitter account, you should think again before clicking that big, blue “Tweet” button.

When López, who is a lawmaker from the Accessibility Without Exclusion Party, posted a strange tweet Tuesday morning, it’s safe to say he didn’t expect the downpour of backlash he received on the social media site. A chorus of Costa Rican Twitter users responded to López’s post, advising him to get to work and asking if he was hungover, while also posting a plethora of hilarious memes.

In the Tweet, López writes, “I feel numb with cold, with aching bones and a little bit of a fever. How do you cure this?”

If he was expecting serious medical advice, he would have been better off consulting WebMD than Costa Rica Twitter, which lambasted the lawmaker who ran for president in the 2014 elections.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter users Tuesday:

“When you get to your first gym class and everybody is at an advanced level.”




“A new Costa Rican fireman.”


“After seeing what I have to pay for my marchamo.”


“Ideas for Christmas decoration.”


“If I stay still maybe they won’t see me.”

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