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Alajuela celebrates World Egg Day

It’s not eggs-actly a national holiday, but Oct. 9 is World Egg Day, and Costa Rica celebrated with egg torts, egg contests and lots of information on eggs.

World Egg Day is a promotion by the worldwide aviculture industry to egg on sales of their products and to encourage egg eating. In Costa Rica, Egg Day was celebrated in Juan Santamaría Plaza in Alajuela, north of San José, with slices of egg tort for all comers, plus contests to find the biggest egg and to see how fast a packer can pack a pack of eggs. Music and a big inflatable egg for taking selfies were also present.

There are 400 egg producers in Costa Rica that produce 2,600,000 eggs a day for national consumption. Domesticated fowl go back to 3000 B.C. in India, Egypt and China for eggs and meat. They were also a fertility symbol in ancient times. Eggs can be cooked, fried, poached, boiled, baked, whipped into creamy toppings, deviled and pickled; egg whites can be used as a glue to mend broken ceramic pieces, and back in the middle ages, egg white mixed with horse blood was a form of mortor in building.

Plans for Egg Day 2016 are already underway, and frying eggs on cement surfaces under the sun is what we can look forward to for next year.

The Tico Times
The Tico Times
The Tico Times
The Tico Times

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