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14 reasons to live in Costa Rica

Those who travel to different countries quickly find out what the advantages and disadvantages are of living or vacationing abroad, especially if you do your due diligence before making the big decision. I just got back from Europe and went through Dallas and found out that real estate in Costa Rica is still very affordable compared to other places. I was actually amazed at how high real estate prices are in Europe and the U.S. and this is particularly true when you factor in the additional costs of maintenance, insurance etc., which are much higher than in Costa Rica.

When I was asked by people in Europe and in Dallas where I was from, I told them I live in Costa Rica. Everybody said: “Awesome, what are you doing here?” Those comments made me realize how lucky I am to live here since so many are hoping to eventually do the same.

Time does not stop, but we change, our needs change and our plans for the future change. Even so, I’m still very happy to live in Costa Rica after 35 years. We all work hard our whole life to be able to retire comfortably and in a beautiful place. I’m already there and I don’t need to retire to be able to enjoy it, and you could do so, too, if you make that decision.

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So, if retiring in a foreign country is still in your plans, let me tell you why buying real estate in Costa Rica, in spite of not being that cheap place to retire anymore, should still be on top of your bucket list!

I invite you to check us out for the following 14 reasons:

1. Highest score on happy life years by the Happy Planet.

2. Top 10 for best places to live or retire according to International Living.

3. An amazing amount of different locations to live in Costa Rica, within a maximum 6 hour drive of each other.

4. The huge Central Valley urban location along with hundreds of beach locations on two coasts.

5. A real democracy with many political parties.

6. NO army and the funds are spent on education.

7. A large number of the habitants are bilingual.

8. The quality lifestyle you have been used to all your life.

9. Perfect weather with many micro climates to choose from.

10. Atenas is on AARP Top 10 for best places to retire abroad.

11. #29 world ranking for Press Freedom by Reporters without Borders in 2010 (1st in Latin America).

12. #31 world ranking for Global Peace by Institute for Economics & Peace in 2011.

13. #49 world ranking for Economic Freedom by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal in 2011.

14. Affordable healthcare and an important destination for cosmetic surgery and dentistry.

Don’t let the opportunity go by. Retiring in a beautiful tropical country is attractive and you sure deserve a bonus after a life of hard work. I’m inviting your to come and visit and investigate if you would like to live in Costa Rica

Ivo Henfling, a Dutch expat who has lived in Costa Rica since 1980, founded the American-European Real Estate Group back in 1999 which was the first functioning MLS with affiliate agents from coast to coast.

Ivo Henfling can be reached at (506) 2289-5125 / 8834-4515 or at

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