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Fourth of Costa Rica’s sextuplets dies of infection

Only two of Costa Rica’s sextuplets, Gabriel and Valentina, remain struggling for their lives after second-born Tomás died of an infection Monday at dawn.

“The baby suffered complications on Friday and his condition worsened. He went into shock on Sunday and died today in the early morning,” National Children’s Hospital Director Olga Arguedas told the daily La Nación.

Tomás, who had an infection common in premature babies, started bleeding internally due to a ruptured blood vessel inside his skull, La Nación reported.

Andrés, the fifth sextuplet, died on May 25 from multiple organ failure, following Diego and Emma, who died on May 20 and May 22, respectively, of premature birth complications.

The sextuplets’ mother, 34 year-old Silvia Villegas, gave birth via cesarean section after 28 weeks gestation on May 17 in Hospital México, northwest of the capital, San José.

Baby Gabriel remains in serious condition at the National Children’s Hospital, while Valentina is at the Women’s Hospital.

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