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The Tico Times launches new real estate section

See the new Real Estate section here

Central America’s leading and most successful English-language news source announced today the launch of a new real estate section aimed at bringing together the news site’s international and local readership with property owners’ diverse offerings.

Following on the heels of a recently announced alliance with the Costa Rican Chamber of Realtors, The Tico Times seeks to return to the Costa Rican real estate world – which helped the company’s former print product thrive – con gusto.

The intent, according to The Tico Times’ managers, is to reach the best buyer market, and link it with reputable, high-quality realtors and developers who can meet their needs. According to Mary Anne Weston, sales and marketing director, the new section strives to differentiate itself from standard listing sites that currently dominate the online market.

“With our new section, we’re placing a lot of emphasis on real estate, and we’re targeting English-speaking clients. We already have a captive audience,” Weston said.

“Evolving from a local, community-based newspaper started by Lincoln School students nearly 60 years ago, to an award-winning news source recognized and quoted worldwide, has been a long road for this organization,” said Jonathan Harris, president of The Tico Times’ parent company, Producciones Magnolia. “This step represents a launch into the modern world, providing readers with a 21st century view of the new Costa Rica.”

The 2008-2009 global economic crisis, and the resulting recession here, hurt both Costa Rican and foreign investors. And it hurt The Tico Times, which was reliant on real estate advertising in its now-defunct print newspaper. But the signs of recovery can be seen throughout the country, according to Chamber of Realtors President Andrés Zamora. And in keeping with its history of staying in lockstep with Costa Rica’s evolution, the section promises to provide both buyers and sellers with a new venue in which to connect, Harris said.

The new section is a work in progress, but both Harris and Weston said they are confident it is a new chapter for the news site, and part of a diverse business model that will help the site grow in coming years.

Check it out and give us your feedback in the comments section below. Go to the Real Estate section.

Julee Payne is vice president of the board of directors of The Tico Times’ parent company.

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