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Snake on a (Nicaraguan) bus

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – There have been snakes on a plane, and now there are snakes — or at least one very big one — on a bus.

Passengers had a nasty surprise on a Nicaraguan bus on Monday when they discovered they were traveling with a boa constrictor that was two meters (more than six feet) long, local television reported.

The bus made a sudden stop when the reptile was discovered and passengers hailed “the boa hero” — a member of the public — who saw the commotion and tamed the snake by holding its head firmly in his hands for several hours.

An animal expert with the government arrived on the scene four hours later, got the snake into a container and took it to a local zoo.

“If you find one of these animals, do not be alarmed,” said hero Francisco García, saying the snakes are harmless unless attacked.

Authorities have not explained how the snake came to be on the bus, headed to a university in the city of León.

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