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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Costa Rican Fisheries Federation holds sport fishing tournament for kids

With the goal of promoting responsible fishing, the Costa Rican Fisheries Federation, or FECOP, last Saturday held a sport fishing tournament for children – the second of the year – at the Puntarenas dock on the central Pacific coast.

Some 30 kids aged 7 to 12 participated with their parents. Unfortunately, not much fishing was done due to strong currents in the Pacific over the weekend.

Nevertheless, the message was clear: “Fishing is an important experience for kids. It teaches them about species and marine resources, which has a positive influence on the future,” FECOP Executive Director Enrique Ramírez said. “A family event like this unites children and adults around an educational activity that focuses on marine life.”

FECOP organizes three children’s tournaments each year. For more information, visit

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