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Our most popular stories last month — April ’14

Here’s a recap of the most popular stories you might’ve missed on The Tico Times in April. (Just like we did for March.) Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news.

-Most viewed stories on The Tico Times:

Unidentified man devoured by crocodiles after jumping from a bridge over the Tárcoles River, Red Cross says — April 29

Yes, this story broke barely 48 hours ago, but it’s already topped 20,000 views. If you couldn’t figure it out from the headline, it’s a gruesome and still-developing story about why a young man ended up in the jaws of at least six crocs.

Magnitude-8.2 earthquake felt off coast of Chile, tsunami watch issued for Costa Rica — April 1

A lethal quake in Chile begot a tsunami watch in Costa Rica. However, the threat fizzled out after a couple hours.

Telecom giant Claro (still) thinks sexist ‘jokes’ are good publicity — April 28

If a multinational company thinks its appropriate to make machista jokes on Twitter, prepare for all the wrong kind of fame. It’s called notoriety.

Bank of America, Intel announce thousands of layoffs in Costa Rica — April 8

Costa Rica’s “Black Tuesday” resulted in some 3,000 layoffs in the country in the span of less than a week, and a search for answers.

Non-career politician Luis Guillermo Solís wins Costa Rica presidential runoff in a landslide — April 7

Oh right, Costa Rica elected a new president at the beginning of this month. Luis Guillermo Solís completed his incredible rally to the presidency in an historic win. That’s a big deal.

-Most commented stories in The Tico Times:

A pair of crimes against tourists produced loads of discussion as did the news of the massive layoffs in Costa Rica.

24-year-old US tourist shot in Costa Rica robbery gone wrong — April 21

A study abroad student reflects on being robbed in Costa Rica – April 21

Bank of America, Intel announce thousands of layoffs in Costa Rica — April 8

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